Become 3 Rivers Proud

Our region’s three rivers define us. We learn about the importance of our rivers to our nation’s history at a young age. Any mention of Pittsburgh on television is accompanied by the beautiful view of our rivers. And study after study shows that our rivers are a deep source of pride.

That’s why ALCOSAN is 3 Rivers Proud. We recognize the significance of our rivers in making the region a great place to live, work and play and our role in protecting the waterways.

But what is ALCOSAN and how does it affect our rivers?

ALCOSAN, the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority, is the clean water agency for most of Allegheny County. We receive the water after you wash it down a drain or flush a toilet. All of that wastewater heads to ALCOSAN’s North Side plant, where we treat it and then return the cleaned water to the Ohio River. And we do that for 83 communities, including the city of Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately, there’s a big problem when it rains or when there is heavy snowmelt. The excess water overloads the system, and untreated wastewater containing diluted sewage and other contaminants is released into the rivers. Fixing this is our challenge, and we are ready.

We invite you to learn more about ALCOSAN, our Clean Water Plan, our community partners in this effort, help that’s available for ratepayers and how you can get involved.

Please attend community events we sponsor and our signature event, ALCOSAN’s annual Open House in September. By working together, we all can be 3 Rivers Proud.

Together we will all be 3 RIVERS PROUD.

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